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Project Night Stalker

Project Title   |   Project: Night Stalker

Format   |   Exhibition

Creators   |   Cowboy Jax Young,

Dillon King

This Exhibition 2018 Jeep JL was custom-built and wrapped by Discovery Channel reality TV star Dillon King as a joint venture with SHFV. It served as a promotional showcase spread the message

and mission of SHVF.

This exhibition Jeep debuted at the SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas. It continued its tour in New York City for the annual U.S. Veterans Day parade with Ms. Veteran America. It then ended its exhibition tour at the SHF Honors Awards Show in Nashville, TN.

 N.V.U.E Program Credits:

Executive Producer, Producer, Writer, Casting


Key Collaborators:

  • Dillon King, Kingston Media

  • RBP (Rolling Big Power)

  • Rusty Foster (Public Relations)

  • Ms. Veteran America


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